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Uqnatu is proud to use 100% cotton in almost all of our styles. Human beings have a long history of making clothing from cotton. It is a durable fiber but to get the longest wear from it please wash only when it truly needs it. We use gentle, natural detergents that do not pollute, wash in cold water and hang dry to conserve resources.



Raw denim has not been pre-washed which means it will shrink up to 10% when washed and dried. If you plan to machine wash and tumble dry please size up one or two sizes first.

If you want to wear it raw which we recommend you will need to break it in by wearing it. It will feel stiff and uncomfortable at first but it is worth it. Hold off on washing for several wears, the longer the better. (Some denim-heads will wear a raw pair of jeans everyday for six months and then jump into a pool or the ocean while wearing them to wash it!) The raw denim will mold to your body and crease in all the right places. If needed, spot clean and then when you are ready for the first wash put it in a tub of cold water with castile soap and hang dry. The indigo will rinse off of the worn parts and create your own authentically worn looking jeans.