UQNATU Sustainability

Did you know that organic cotton is compostable and will biodegrade in 1-5 months in pretty much the same time as an apple core?


At UQNATU we are working toward the best practices and mindful of our effect on the earth. We use 100% organic cotton GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) batiste, twill and duck canvas every season. We also use 100% cotton deadstock denim and chambray which is warehoused fabric left over from closed factories and mills and vintage fabric.



buy fewer, choose better, keep treasured.



make functional, produce durable, be timeless.



100% cotton, plant-based natural fibers are recyclable unlike many fabrics which have polyester for stretch or strength. Did you know that organic cotton is compostable and will biodegrade in 1-5 months in pretty much the same time as an apple core?



Tears can happen with wear. Please consider trying to learn a new (old) skill! Hand-stitched repairs are endearing and personal. Contact us if you aren’t sure what to do. We would be happy to help.



UQNATU is made is very small batches. We do not over-produce and only make what we reasonably hope to sell. We apologize if the item you wanted was not available. Please let us know as we can sometimes remake popular items.

We currently work with one small family-run factory that is part of New York City’s garment making production. The sewing machines are traditional, industrial machines with one person sewing most of each garment. It is not automated as with mass production. You can still see the wobble of a stitch here and there as a tale-tale sign of its maker. We spend many days there when production is underway. We wash each item, hang to dry, clip threads and put on the hangtags before folding and packing.